Current Events

Juneteenth 2024 Oakdale Site with Partner Agencies

Phoenix Project and Partner Agencies Father’s Day Celebrations 2024

Black History Month Celebrations 2024

2023 Events and Activities

Oakdale RAD site Graduation Celebration

Potereo Hill Phoenixes OFA internship covered working toward
life map goals, journal reflection writing and community service

Sunnydale Phoenixes OFA internship covered community service,
ethnic identity assignments and working toward life map goals.

Alice Griffith Phoenixes this summer engaged in
cultural identity assignments and art projects.

HARBOR RAD Phoenixes attend Job Fair at City Hall with Life Coaches

Hunters View Phoenixes Working
at Food Bank as a part of their OFA internship

Oakdale Community Mother's Day Celebration 2022

Phoenix Project in partnership with other onsite organizations (City of Dreams, Dev/Mission and Hunters Point Family) celebrate Mothers’s Day  2022 in the community.

Phoenix Project 2021 Summer Activities 

 Phoenix Project in partnership with onsite organizations (City of Dreams, Dev/Mission, and Hunters Point Family) at the 1030 Oakdale site celebrating 2022 graduating residents in the community.

Recently, Phoenix Project was able to provide 2021 summer activities to help youth explore their creative side and also continue to work toward their own personal life map goals.  Utilizing funding from the Mayor’s Office Opportunities For All program, we were able to provide our clients a safe and stimulating environment to learn about art and also keep them in a safe and stimulating environment.