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About Phoenix Project Collaborative Partners

The Phoenix Project works in collaboration with eight indigenous community-based organizations in San Francisco that are uniquely positioned to work with underserved youth. When considering optimal development from a culturally – specific place, many indigenous communities would adhere to the African proverb,”It takes a village to raise a child.” However, from a trauma-informed perspective, it is quite probable that many urban communities struggle with complex trauma and other challenges that adversely impact development. Therefore, the question that follows is: what to do if the village is hurting? One response is the CBO Phoenix Project. We have formed a professional village in support of the youth to be served. In alignment with the cultural perspective, the CBOs are referred to as Village Partners.

Target Population

  • The Phoenix Project seeks to identify youth living within four HOPE SF sites that have historically been isolated communities: Hunters View (West Point), Alice Griffith (Double Rock), Sunnydale and Potrero Terrace, and Annex
  • HOPE SF is the nation’s first large-scale reparations housing and transformation effort aimed at disrupting intergenerational poverty, reducing social isolation, and creating racially equitable mixed-income communities without mass displacement
  • Phoenix Project focuses on building intentional relationships with transitional age youth in disconnected areas within the community who may need access to various resources including education, employment, mental health, and physical health well-being.

Lets Change The

World With Humanity

Delivering help and hope to children

The Process begins

When a TAY youth completes a required contact, consent, and background form.  Regardless of what a client is asking for, it’s important they know what services the Phoenix Project offers and how a trauma-informed program provides service.  Next, we begin to schedule individual meetings to build authentic relationships and complete appropriate assessments. 

As our relationships grow, Life Coaches begin to help clients work through challenges they may experience and begin to problem-solve. As clients reach goals we offer incentives but also barrier mitigation if they experience hardships. 

We believe clients are important, deserving of quality service therefore we do not believe in rushing our process.  Phoenix Project allows relationships to develop over time to better understand client needs.

Life Map Goals