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The Phoenix Project works in collaboration with eight indigenous community-based organizations in San Francisco that are uniquely positioned to work with underserved youth. When considering optimal development from a culturally – specific place, many indigenous communities would adhere to the African proverb,”It takes a village to raise a child.” However, from a trauma-informed perspective, it is quite probable that many urban communities struggle with complex trauma and other challenges that adversely impact development. Therefore, the question that follows is: what to do if the village is hurting? One response is the CBO Phoenix Project. We have formed a professional village in support of the youth to be served. In alignment with the cultural perspective, the CBOs are referred to as Village Partners.

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Phoenix Team

Phoenix Project youth have access to Youth Development Advocate that will support youth through barriers (transportation, housing, education, etc.) they may encounter. We Serve:

  • Transitional Age Youth: Age 14 – 24
  • Residing in one of the four HOPE SF communities.
  • Not enrolled or not attending school
  • Unemployed or Underemployed (10 hours or less per week)

Phoenix Project youth routinely meet with a life coach who guides them through our unique BPSS model (Bio-psycho-social-cultural-spiritual assessment) which allows youth to drive their future.

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