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maurice.moret@sfphoenixproject.org/Join Now
+1 415-432-9090 maurice.moret@sfphoenixproject.org/Join Now

Who We Are

We are a collaborative grassroots, community-based organization working with distressed youths. The Sesa Woruban symbol indicates our focus on transforming lives.

Our Mission

The Sankofa Bird indicates our mission to pass wisdom. We empower youths and build independent, productive and empowering communities. We learn from the trauma so we can move forward into a better life.

Our Goal

Mpatapo symbol of harmony represents our goal to disrupt intergenerational poverty, and reduce social isolation across communities. We believe that the neighborhood will only get better if you work on yourself first.

Target Population

  • The Phoenix Project seeks to identify youth living within four HOPE SF sites that have historically been isolated communities: Hunters View (West Point), Alice Griffith (Double Rock), Sunnydale and Potrero Terrace and Annex
  • HOPE SF is the nation's first large-scale reparations housing and transformation effort aimed at disrupting intergenerational poverty, reducing social isolation, and creating racially equitable mixed-income communities without mass displacement
  • The Phoenix Project focuses on building intentional relationships with transitional age youth in disconnected areas within the community who may need access to various resources including education, employment, mental health and physical health well-being.

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“The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.”
-African Proverb-


Phoenix Project Youth Rising

Dominique is a recent graduate from Mission High School, referred to The Phoenix Project by the Willie Brown Youth Center (T.U.R.F) in February 2018

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Phoenix Project Youth Rising

Robert Winterstein-Kelesoma is from Sunnydale housing community. He currently co-parents his two-year-old son with his partner. He’s actively looking for employment in the construction industry. .

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Phoenix Project Youth Rising

Jamon Butler is our 19-year Phoenix participant born and raised in the Alice Griffith Double Rock. He is currently participating in the Phoenix Project meeting with his Life Coach Malik Seneferu.

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Pictures of Phoenix Youth and from past events

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